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Before entering the manufacturing process, the clay was deposited in layers, in the cones for aging. The storage of the raw material has the following main objectives:


• The receipt of a constant composition of the raw material and its supply to the plant with constant characteristics;

• The maturation of clay through natural processes (snow, rain, sun, wind, biological processes, etc.);

• Provision of a stock of raw materials.



The preparation of clay begins in a linear feeder that is fed by a loader and then transported to a crusher.
After the clay processed sequentially by several preparation process machines in order to obtain the homogenized and well mixed mass.
The prepared clays are immediately stored in a covered area, via conveyor belts.


From the storage of land, the prepared clay goes into molding. In the molding area, the moisture and homogenization index of the prepared clays is corrected, aiming to obtain a paste with adequate plasticity indexes.
In the extruder, the product is compressed, leaving through the perforated nozzle in the form of threads that will be cut by a rotary cutter in the form of cylinders, which are rounded in a rotary drum.


The cooking (expansion) of the aggregates is carried out in a rotary kiln. Our oven is made up of two metal drums with different diameters. The lower diameter drum is a preheater where green products qualify up to 600-800ºC. Another drum is an expander where the aggregates expand until their final release. The cooking is done at a high temperature between 1170-1200ºC.
After expansion, the product enters the exit chamber before moving on to the next production step.


The hot granules from the outlet chamber enter the cooler with the ventilation system. In this machine the product cools from 1000º to 45-60ºC.
The filling of the product in intermediate stock is carried out by means of the mobile belts.
Classification section is equipped with a set of belts that distribute product between screens, of which the product stores in bunker-type silos.
From the silos the product is transported to the loading and bagging line.


The supply of the final product is variable depending on the client's wishes and can be done as follows: in bulk in a truck, in bigbags, or in small bags of 50l or of another capacity, in case of retail sale .

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